Competitive Dance

Dance Discovery has an elite group of competitive dancers. Our Dance Team ranges in age from 4 to 19 years old.  We compete at approximately 4 different national and international competitions throughout the dance season.  The competitive team has won numerous awards, trophies and scholarships for all of their hard work and dedication to excellence in dance. 

If you are looking for a little more than Recreational but not quite full competitive we are pleased to offer a pre competitive program. Contact us today for more information.

One of the reasons Dance Discovery is so successful with encouraging competitive dancers is that we truly believe in creating a well rounded dancer.  We help to create a balanced dance program that enables our competitive students to focus on achieving their goals as dancer, with time allowed for other areas of their lives as well. Therefore our competitive students will spend anywhere from 1-4 days at the studio – depending on their age and level of dance. 

Being part of the competitive dance team is a very rewarding experience for the students.  Our students make friendships that last a lifetime, and enjoy traveling to other cities where they compete and meet other students who share their love of dance. 

For more information on Dance Discovery’s competitive dance program please contact Carol-Ann in the office and she will specifically tailor a program for your child.