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Competitive Dance


Dance Discovery has an elite group of competitive dancers. Our Dance Team ranges in age from 4 to 19 years old.  We compete at approximately 4 different national and international competitions throughout the dance season.  The competitive team has won numerous awards, trophies and scholarships for all of their hard work and dedication to excellence in dance. 

If you are looking for a little more than Recreational but not quite full competitive we are pleased to offer a pre competitive program. Contact us today for more information.


One of the reasons Dance Discovery is so successful with encouraging competitive dancers is that we truly believe in creating a well rounded dancer.  We help to create a balanced dance program that enables our competitive students to focus on achieving their goals as dancer, with time allowed for other areas of their lives as well. Therefore our competitive students will spend anywhere from 1-4 days at the studio – depending on their age and level of dance. 

Being part of the competitive dance team is a very rewarding experience for the students.  Our students make friendships that last a lifetime, and enjoy traveling to other cities where they compete and meet other students who share their love of dance. 

For more information on Dance Discovery’s competitive dance program please contact Carol-Ann in the office and she will specifically tailor a program for your child.


One of our newest dance moms said it best.


As the girls' first competitive dance season comes to an end, I am overcome with so much gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work and dedication that goes into making it all possible; from studio directors, coaches, administrators, competition organizers and facilities, dance apparel stores (shout out to 'Step 'N Out' (Step'N Out Dancewear) for putting up with me, especially when I had Covid and had to send my Mom in as my personal shopper over FaceTime) parents (and extended families), and of course the dancers themselves.

We admittedly struggled with the decision to enroll them after being asked in previous years, and those who know me understand the amount of time and research that would have gone into finally choosing to accept the invitation. Except I didn't go my usual route. The reviews I read, the conversations I had with others in the dance world, the financial and time constraints...all signs pointed to 'no', especially after 2 years of Covid showing us how enjoyable it can be to eliminate unnecessary activities and use the extra spare time to just focus on the family. Under JD's influence did we finally decide to just 'give it the old college try' and sign them up just to see what all the fuss was about; how could something as "simple" as competitive dance have such varying and controversial reviews? I put "simple" in quotations because it isn't simple at all; after seeing first hand how competitive dance has worked in transformative, yet different, ways in Julia and Emily, it is anything but simple. For my quiet, perfectionist child who will often hold her feelings inside, competitive dance has been an emotional outlet and a safe place to take risks. She has blossomed in her confidence and self esteem; the kiddo who used to once hide behind me in Starbucks and make me place her order, is now the one asking the girl behind us in a dance jacket which studio she goes to and striking up a conversation about their performances. She is coming out of her shell and making her voice heard, as she exercises her ability to advocate for herself and others and her aptitude for leadership. For my always enthusiastic, emotionally charged child, competitive dance has given her discipline and taught her to positively channel her energy, and be a gracious winner while also learning and growing from her mistakes. The child who would once refuse to perform to crowds because of the fear of failure now shines so brightly on stage - a place we always knew she belonged to be! Perseverance. Determination. Practice. Teamwork. Time management. Courage. Stamina. Strength (physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, spiritually). These types of skills don't just stay in the studio, but they trickle out into all other areas of their lives - whether it is in school, at home, or during other extra curricular activities, we continue to see the positive impacts from competitive dance shape who they are.

What I've learned this year is that one's dance experience is characterized only by the people surrounding the dancer. This is what accounts for the variation in reviews I read/heard. We have been so richly blessed by the incredible support and kindness of the entire dance community at Dance Discovery (Dance Discovery). Especially during another year of "unprecedented times", we didn't think we would get to become fully immersed in what others refer to as a 'Dance Family' so quickly, especially as late comers (ugh, I still dread the feeling of being the new kid, which is why I never ended up joining the ranks of sleepaway camp - a decision that to this day still haunts me). I remember the moment I knew this was the right decision for us - when I went to pick up the girls from classes, and peeked in on them watching another group rehearse through a tall window; my Mama heart instantly overcome with joy for them when I saw that the much older girls were giving them piggy backs so they could see too. This incredible studio has become like a second home - and not just because of the amount of time we spend there each week; we truly look forward to chatting with the parents while the kids make lifelong friendships as they explore a variety of dance forms, identifying their strengths and learning how to progress in their skills - benefitting from mixed age groups and learning from the example of such kind hearted older dancers and acting as mentors to the younger ones. Yes, I may be an extrovert, but I will usually avoid small talk at all costs - where I once used to praise Covid for giving me an excuse to hide in my car and read a book during their lessons, I am now thankful for the warmer weather so I can enjoy time catching up with others while talking outside the studio.

My girls are loved. I can see it in their interactions with their teammates and coaches, and even with the parents of the other dancers. The fact that at the end of the day, my kids tell me that it isn't about winning in the sport - it is about winning in who they choose they want to be - that comes from the amazing example they are shown at the studio. I cannot even begin to comprehend how their coaches can choreograph such diverse numbers that highlight each dancer individually and as a group - and knowing the perfect balance of challenging them and yet making them feel successful. All I know is that I am forever thankful for the positive influence and encouragement, the support, and the camaraderie. There are way too many of you to thank individually, so I will sum it up by saying this: thank you to everyone who put up with my seemingly never ending questions, experienced my rage-stress right before a competition, cheered us on in person or remotely, and then had to endure the aftermath of listening to me gush out my amazement for this experience. Thank you to all those at Dance Discovery for making us feel so welcome. Thank you to my girlies for being patient with me as I learn the ropes, and to the other dance moms/older dancers for stepping in when I needed them to take over before there were tears. Thank you to my husband who showed me that all the research in the world still could not have prepared me for how much this year meant to our family, for pushing us out of our comfort zone, and for being the biggest cheerleader for me and the girls as we navigate through our first year. It may be the end of their competitive season, but for our girls it is just the beginning of their journey, and if I am feeling all these feels after just one year, I cannot wait to see what the future holds!

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