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Recreational Dance

Dance Discovery offers an excellent recreation dance program.  The faculty is dedicated to providing the highest quality in teaching to children, teens and adults.  At Dance Discovery, we believe that all students should receive the very best instruction from a team of well educated and experienced dance instructors.  Dance Discovery teachers are enthusiastic, energetic, encouraging, and are great role models for their students.  We strive to bring out the best in each and every student.  Recreational dance classes are challenging, fun, and a great way to exercise and meet friends.  Classes are offered in a variety of age groups and levels.  Every year our students will improve and advance.

All of our recreational students perform in the year end recital at the Sanderson Centre in June. This is an annual event and something that the students, faculty and parents all look forward to throughout the year.  The show is a very exciting event for the dancers, teachers and families.  Each class performs a routine on stage choreographed by their teacher with fabulous costumes, music, and lights.  

Classes / Programs / Terms

At Dance Discovery, we believe in teaching many different styles of dance to help encourage well-rounded dancers at all levels and ages.  Listed below you will find information on the different styles of dance that we at Dance Discovery are committed to teaching.


This is a wonderful combination of dance and gymnastics with a focus on control  and flexibility.  Students in Acro will learn how to properly execute acrobatic tricks, develop gymnastic skills, improve strength, flexibility, agility and physical control in a safe and fun environment.


The foundation for all dance forms, ballet will help to improve strength, poise,balance and control.  Technical skill gained through the study of ballet is essential for all other forms of dance.  Dancers study the discipline of ballet through the Russian syllabus.


Dance to your favorite Hip-Hop music and learn all the latest video dance moves from today’s popular music.  This program is high energy with the newest hip-hop and street style moves.  


A wonderful pre-dance program for young dancers.  In this class the students will learn basic jazz and ballet coordination movements.  This is a creative, fun and exciting program for the young students.  


A fundamental and energetic dance form, jazz compliments all other dance forms.  Jazz classes are comprised of a warm up, progressions, jumps and turns.  Students will learn all the basic techniques and styles through combinations and routines.  


Make music with your feet!  Students learn basic, progressive and intricate tap steps and rhythms combinations.  Students will develop and improve on timing, rhythm and coordination in tap class.

Special Programs

Dance Discovery offers a variety of combination classes for our  younger students.  This allows them to try two different styles of dance in one great class.  

We offer the following Combo-Classes
Jazz/Tap: combines jazz and tap in one class
Jazz/Acro: combines jazz, and acro in one class

Adult Classes

Please contact us regarding Adult class options! 

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