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Dress Code



Kinderdance/ Jazz/ Tap/Acro / Tumble Tots: Girls may wear any colour of dancewear such as bodysuit, shorts, dance pants or 

2-piece dance outfit with bare legs or tights. Boys may wear any colour t-shirt and shorts. 

Tap shoes for Tap class. (Any kind of flat tap shoe for recreational tap classes.)


Bare feet for Acro, Tumble Tots and Kinderdance. 

FootUndeez or bare feet for Jazz. 


No Tank Tops, T-shirts or loose fitting street clothes of any kind. 

No jewelry. Hair must be pulled back and up for all classes (except very short hair) 



Hip-Hop & MINI Hip Hop: Comfortable street clothes Black running shoes must have clean, non- marking soles and be indoor only. No jewelry. Hair pulled back and up except for very short hair 




No jewelry. Hair in a bun with hairnet and hairpins Pre-Mini Ballet: Pink bodysuit, pink ballet tights, pink ballet slippers (pink skirt if desired) 


Mini Ballet & Senior Ballet: 

Mondor pinched front #3546 bodysuit in Paradise colour, pink ballet tights, 

split sole canvas ballet shoes 


Advanced Ballet: 

Black bodysuit, pink ballet tights, split sole canvas ballet shoes 


Boys Ballet: 

White T-shirt, black shorts, white socks, and ballet slippers 


COMPETITIVE Pre-Mini, Mini, Senior & Advanced Jazz: 

FootUndeez (Gore boots may be required later in the year.) 



Black Tap Shoes- Low heel with buckle (No Velcro) – Bloch#302 


COMPETITIVE Mini Tap, Senior Tap & Advanced Tap: 

Black Lace Up Tap Shoes: May have Capezio, Bloch or So Danca. 

Prefer Bloc Jason Samuels for older students.

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